Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2012: Age of Aquarius

While doomsday prophesies on the 2012 phenomenon are churned out as bestsellers and blockbuster action-adventure movies, a pyramid in Bengaluru suburbs is now being positioned as the epicentre for ultimate redemption: transformation of human consciousness through meditation!

The Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid, a New-Age temple of spiritual awakening built amidst the granite-rich hillocks of a sleepy village, Kebbedoddi, about 30 kilometres south of Bengaluru City on Kanakapura Road, is hallowed as the world’s largest pyramid dedicated solely to practising intensive meditation.

The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement has pledged to make the 40-acre lush Pyramid Valley at Kebbedoddi an international centre for filling the whole world with “cosmic energy and soul power” of the Pyramid Masters by the year 2012.

Constructed on the principles of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and perfectly aligned to the four cardinal points – North, East, South and West, the Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid is as tall as a ten-strorey building at 102ft. With a base area of 160ft x 160ft, it can accommodate 5,000 people.
A spiral Kings Chamber, the most energetic spot of the pyramid, stands 34ft tall at the centre. The pyramid has the golden angle of inclination at 51 degrees 52 minutes on all sides. Over 640 natural Himalayan crystals are fitted inside the hall to amplify the pyramid energy and enhance the profound meditation experience.
The exterior surface of the pyramid is covered by beautiful murals depicting various elements of nature. The lower hall of the pyramid has exquisite murals and art work of Buddha, evoking the spirit of powerful meditation techniques that Buddha identified.

Brahmarshi Patriji, an enlightened Master who embraces positive elements from a wide variety of spiritual sources, is spearheading the Pyramid Meditation movement with his avowed aim of creating “Dhyana Jagat” (Meditative World) by the year 2012.

Subhash Patri, a soil scientist who was a sales promotion officer with the Coromandal Fertilisers in Andhra Pradesh, was first fascinated by the book ‘The Secret Power of Pyramids’ by Bill Schul and Ed Pettit. “I built a miniature pyramid and conducted some practical tests. Tomatoes and brinjal kept inside the pyramid remained fresh for almost a month, while those left outside shrank and dried within three days. Even razor blades turned out much sharper just by being inside the pyramid,” says Patriji, who is married and has two daughters.

He built his first pyramid for meditation at Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh. Today, thousands of Pyramid Masters are immersed in spreading his unique science of Anapanasati Meditation, which is easily accessible to the rural masses as well as the urban elite. Anapanasati, in Pali language, means “to keep one’s total attention and awareness only on one’s normal breathing process.” In Anapanasati, attention of the mind should constantly be on the breath. “Be with the breath energy” is the only instruction given. No mantra is to be chanted; no deity to be worshiped; no ritual to follow. Just be with the natural rhythm of the breath.

Patriji teaches three great laws in the science of meditation. The first law: “When we are with the simple, normal, natural, easy, tranquil and peaceful flow of breath, the mind becomes rather empty.”

Second law: “When the mind becomes rather empty, vast amounts of cosmic energy flood into the physical body.”

Third: “When sufficient amounts of cosmic energy enter the physical body, the result is a highly reasonable amount of activation of the third-eye.”

Meditation done inside a pyramid, says Patriji, is thrice more powerful. Preservation, healing and out-of-body experiences are attributed to Pyramid Powers. Most people experience feelings ranging from utter calmness to extreme euphoria while meditating inside a pyramid.

Pyramids are perhaps the perfect haven for mankind at these apocalyptic times, the end of Mahakalpa. As Carl Johan Calleman says: “A time when light will pass through all underworlds without any obscuring filtering of darkness blocking the contact between humankind and the Divine.”


  1. This is a lovely article!!! it is very informative... i never knew there is a prymaid in bangalore and that to the world's largest :) it is kool to know that!!! i had thought there was a Ashram which people visit for medition in Kannpura road... I wonder whether is this the same one. I do not know the name of the Ashram but many people have told that if you live in bangalore you must visit this place atleast once.... :)

  2. hey very informative indeed. and i feel proud that this place is in bangalore.... and also the point that meditation is the best way out... i agree with that... looks like this place is going to be thronged, with 'dooms day' around the corner! good job lauella

  3. I thot it might be really interestin. Glad to kno u thot so too. Bangalore is full of surprises; u jus gotta keep looking! Thanks for commenting ankita n shruti :)